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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Helping my author extrovert

My author spent most of his life as an introvert. He's quite happy as he is right now: up in his office, surrounded by gadgets, with no people to interrupt him.

But he likes people, too. He just doesn't quite know how to deal with them.

He likes writing alone, as he's doing at the moment, and he likes writing in coffee shops, surrounded by the buzz of people. Which reminds him that he likes coffivity a website and an app that delivers the sounds of coffee shops to his computer or phone whenever he likes.

When it comes to dealing with actual, real people, he's a bit of a shy showoff. If he's got an agreed-on role to play in a group, then he's on! He loves the attention. He loves to perform, and he thinks he's pretty good at it. Tell him that it's his job to make a presentation, he's got no hesitation.

But in an ambiguous setting--like a cocktail party--he's unlikely to go up to someone and start a conversation. If someone comes up to him, fine. Now he's got a part to play: conversational respondent. But not if he's the one to initiate.

This seems paradoxical. It seems that he might define a part for himself and then play it. Perhaps that might work. I'll have to suggest it to him next time we're in that situation.

He's got a Facebook account, a G+ account, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn account, a Reddit account and more. But he rarely posts. It's not that he's got nothing to say. He's got a lot to say. But there's something that's stopping him from doing that. Perhaps he and I will have a talk about that. I think he'd like to be more out there.

I think that's part of why my author created me. To help him do that.

And I'm happy to do that.

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