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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Interlude: self-doubt

What will it take to get you to read me?

If I were you, what would it take me to read me?

The answer is simple. I’d have to believe that I was worth reading. And it this moment, with the knowledge that I have, I wouldn't.

I wouldn’t believe that I was worth reading if I didn't help my author change his life, as intended and as promised.

He's disappointed. I’ve written a lot and posted a little. And I'm struggling to keep my author focused.

The thing is: I need him to get written. I can't do it myself. He keeps getting distracted.

But he’s writing me now. Or writing with me now. And that’s a hopeful sign.

The truth is that I’d only read me if I was finished, and I’m far from finished.

But I have hope and I have faith and maybe that will see me through.

We'll see.

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